Silver Engineering Works been using brass for decades since it provides durability style, and efficiency to any project. It is compatible with various industries and projects, making it one of the most versatile manufacturing materials.

Other Advantages of Using Brass

Key benefits that come with using this metal as a material for your next project are its: Strength, Durability, Quality.

First, strength is absolutely key when considering any manufacture materials. Brass has some of the best strength properties among metal alloys, so it’s great for almost any application. When combined with copper or aluminum, it becomes an excellent combination for strong and light weight items.

The durability factor is also a huge plus because this metal will never corrode or rust, meaning it doesn’t require constant maintenance and can really stand up to a lot of abuse without ever giving out on you.

And finally, quality guarantees every time thanks to brass’ beauty and luster that simply cannot be matched by other lower grade metals. All in all this metal is an excellent choice for anyone from craftsmen to manufacturers who work primarily with metal.

Industries that Use Brass

This metal is made of copper and zinc, both of which are very important metals for various industries and manufacturing projects such as plumbing, healthcare, and electronics as well as:

  • Manufacturing – Brass is used in metal forming machines to create shaped parts like pipes or tubes
  • Electronics – Copper wire’s conductivity is enhanced by the addition of small amounts of zinc (mostly as brass)
  • Agriculture – it is used for precision tools like calipers that measure distances or angles to an accuracy of thousandths or millionths of an inch
  • Plumbing – Brass fittings are used often in plumbing projects due to their durable and affordable nature
  • Construction – Despite its tarnishing qualities, it has become a popular choice for the copper in buildings like the Empire State Building
  • Healthcare – Zinc is an important part of many medicines and supplements, and brass is utilized when it needs to be dispensed in liquid form such as measuring cups or syringes

Nowadays brass has replaced the need for other less durable, low-cost metals that corrode or break easily. Reach out to us today with any questions or to get started on your project!

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