If you are looking for a metal to work with, bronze is a great choice. Bronze offers high strength at a low density and can be non-magnetic as well as being able to conduct electricity and heat. In addition to these benefits, this metal offers durability which makes this metal ideal for framing projects. It can offer protection against corrosion and rust owing to the high quality of the surface coating.

Types of Bronze Alloys

Bronze can have a variety of color hues based on the constituents used to make it. Copper-rich versions are often red or dark brown due to impurities in the copper ore. Tin-rich versions are usually dark brown, with traces of black and dark copper.

There are a number of types of bronze that exist in industry, but they can be broadly categorized into three major groups:

  1. Copper-tin – These bronzes have a color somewhere between copper and gold, and tend to harden well
  2. Tin-copper – These bronzes have a lighter color than pure copper, with a rosy tint. They also tend to be softer than pure copper, but they do not rust as easily as tin bronzes
  3. Copper-nickel – These are blue in color, and have the advantage of being immune to corrosion. Nickel also gives them an increased hardness even when cold

We provide bronze alloy services with a wide range of compositions for projects ranging from structural engineering to ornamental ironwork. Alloys are also available in a variety of colors, giving you the chance to get just what you need for your situation.

Industries that Use Bronze

This metal is made of copper and zinc, both of which are very important metals for various industries and manufacturing projects such as plumbing and electronics as well as:

  • Engineering – it is often used for its strength in making screws and other mechanical components. The United States coins that are composed of bronze were changed to this material in 1982 because it offers a lower cost-per-ounce than copper or nickel while providing a much higher level of durability
  • Music – bronze is most often used for cymbals because it offers a higher tone with faster decay
  • Construction – provides structure and durability to metal framing, pipes, and fireproofing materials
  • Medical – it has been used for centuries as a material to combine with other metals, such as zinc or copper. The alloy of these two metals provides the strength and durability needed for medical tools

From hydraulic pump components to home construction projects, Silver Engineering Works has the bronze alloys for your industry needs.

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