Whether it’s a bridge or a plaque, carbon steel is the perfect material. Combining strength and elegance, we’re proud to say that we’ve been assisting people in their endeavors for decades now. Just as a material can be sturdy, durable and functional, it can also have an aesthetic appeal. Our craftsmen work with project designers to create beautiful structures for consumers – structures that have a cohesive exterior at the same time as being tough and durable on the inside.

Carbon Steel Equipment

Our highly skilled craftsmen at Silver Engineering Works can provide unparalleled service with our specialized equipment:

  • VMX50 4-Axis Vertical Mill with 50″ by 26″ by 24″ work envelope
  • VMX42 4-Axis Vertical Mill with 42″ by 24″ by 24″ work envelope
  • VM3 Vertical Mill with 50″ by 18″ by 18″ work envelope
  • TM10 lathe with 10″ chuck
  • Whacheon lathe with 12″ chuck
  • FEMCO durga lathe with 8″ chuck
  • MIG and TIG welding stations
  • Cobramatic aluminum “Push-Pull” station
  • 15″ by 120″ lathe
  • 12″ by 80″ lathe
  • Vertical turret lathe with 54″ round by 24″ tall capacity and 50″ of swing
  • 4 Knee mills
  • Automatic cut-off/band saw
  • 90-ton ironworker
  • 1 HYD-MECH miter saw
  • 3-ton bridge crane
  • Support equipment including fork lifts and hand grinders

Carbon Steel Services

Carbon steel is actually made up of mostly iron which is why it has so improved properties for use in many different applications. It is also known for its strength which makes it perfect for heavy duty tasks like structural projects or machinery parts.

It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold outside because carbon steel can handle both climatic conditions while still maintaining its durability and strength either way. The fact that carbon steel provides increased corrosion resistance means you don’t have to worry about rust on your equipment or on tools after they are touched by this type of metal either.

We supply a variety of services like fabrication, welding and machining on all types of projects involving carbon steel material. Our company’s motto may be “quality before quantity” but we want you to know that we can supply you with plenty to keep your business going if need be too!

In our quest of excellence, we’ve found that it pays off to be professional. Contact Silver Engineering Works today for information on how we can help with your carbon steel project!

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