Since 1933, Silver Engineering Works has offered comprehensive services in various machining fields. One of our most efficient abilities is high speed machining, which is made possible with CNC vertical mills and support equipment.

We have a wide range of different metals to choose from for your project. Our experienced staff is highly knowledgeable about the pros and cons of each one! The equipment used for high speed machining includes:

  • Hurco VMX50 Vertical Mill with 4th Axis capability and 50″ by 26″ by 24″ envelope
  • Hurco VMX42 Vertical Mill with 4th Axis capability and 42″ by 24″ by 24″ envelope
  • Hurco VM3 Vertical Mill with an envelope of 50″ by 18″ by 18″

About High Speed Machining

High speed machining is an advanced machining technique that eliminates many disadvantages of conventional milling. While high-speed machining is often considered an extension of conventional milling, it’s actually more like a confluence of many different disciplines in machining, turning and drilling. One of the main differences between high speed and conventional is that the cutting tool moves at a much higher rate.

High-speed machining has emerged in recent years because multi-axis machines made it possible with smaller tools at very high speeds. It took off when companies realized there were many advantages they could reap if they could combine the best aspects of conventional milling (such as good tool life) with the benefits of using feeds and speeds that were much higher than was feasible before multi-axis machines came onto the scene.

The benefits of high speed machining are straightforward. Higher efficiency means you will get more work done more quickly, meaning less downtime and higher efficiency rates. This will not only make your company’s bottom line look better on paper, but it will also help to keep your workers on task with their assignments. Longer tool life, more efficient cutting, less energy needed, and higher feed rates for lower cost parts only add to the advantages.

Silver Engineering Works offers high-speed machining services which are configurable to meet customer needs. Whether you are looking to create single part prototype or final production parts, we have the resources and expertise required to complete your project quickly, accurately and reliably!

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