Machining plastics can be difficult, but our team has spent decades mastering the art and science of plastics fabrication. We have been able to precisely machine a variety of materials, from the mild plastics that resemble rubber to the more brittle and durable ones while providing exceptional dimensional accuracy and surface finish.

The process we use allows for both manual and automated machining, all with the assurance that there is no post-processing required.

Benefits of Plastics Fabrication

Plastic offers a high degree of resistance to moisture and weather conditions compared with other building materials such as wood. This means that it’s much less likely to rot, warp or corrode as a result of exposure to sun and rain as well as soiling from the environment. They are also:

  • Cost Effective – in addition to its durability, plastics are also cost-effective as a building material because it can be recycled and re-used indefinitely
  • Sustainable – it does not require regular removal of materials from the earth to obtain building material. In contrast to wood or metal which can only be used once before being cut down, plastics are endlessly recyclable with minimal environmental impact
  • Energy-Saving – energy consumption is much lower when using plastic because it does not expand, contract, rot nor burn which can be an issue with other building materials. With plastics, there is little to no material loss due to fires or water damage.
  • Safe – another reason that plastics are commonly used is because of safety and ease of installation. The material is non-combustible and durable, making it safe for almost any environment.
  • Efficient – these properties also make building with plastics quick and easy, as there is no need to worry about sensitive materials that may crumble or break. Fewer pieces of material are needed for any project, resulting in a faster installation.

Industries that Use Plastics

Plastics are commonly used in the construction industry because of its durability, cost effectiveness, recycling, energy saving, safety and ease of installation.

In landscaping, its robust properties allow for maximum durability even with high levels of water saturation, heat, and exposure to the elements.

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