Ever since 1933, Silver Engineering Works has provided comprehensive machining services and proficiency in the Denver, Colorado area. CNC machining is an indispensable tool for any professional that needs a precision part cut with tight tolerances.

CNC Machining Equipment At Our Shop

If you’re looking for an efficient, highly accurate CNC machining shop, our services and multi-axis machining are handled in-house in Denver, Colorado. Our equipment includes:

  • VMX50 Vertical Mill with 4th Axis capability and 50″ by 26″ by 24″ envelope
  • VMX42 Vertical Mill with 4th Axis capability and 42″ by 24″ by 24″ envelope
  • VM3 Vertical Mill with an envelope of 50″ by 18″ by 18″
  • TM10 Lathe with a 10″ chuck
  • Whacheon Lathe with 12″ chuck
  • FEMCO Durga with a 10″ chuck

A CNC mill is programmed utilizing the latest in numerically controlled programming for CNC machining. It enables us to machine parts in an extremely efficient manner to each of our customer’s requirements. We at Silver Engineering Works take advantage of this when we program our machines to ensure the most efficient and accurate production in order for you, our customer, to get exactly what you’re asking for.

CNC Machining Advantages

It is important to know the advantages before considering a company for your next project. Here are some of the benefits of CNC Machining:

  • Speed – it is faster than conventional methods
  • Intricacy – you can make parts with more intricate details
  • Cost – it’s a cheaper overall process
  • Safety – manufacturing in this way is safer now with less chance of an error occurring
  • Accuracy – overall project accuracy has increased with this type of machining

Along with Precision Machining, we also offer services like turning works, flame spray, milling works, and more. Get in touch with us to see what will best fit your project!

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