Are you ever in the position where you feel like you need to prototype a complex part but worry about the long lead time and high cost of production? Or maybe you know that your niche market needs a product not available in this small volume? We here at Silver Engineering Works offer customers the ability to prototype their complex parts and then produce them in short run quantities.

There are four ways we can help: A customer can come to our shop directly, we can give them a phone call, review a contact form email, and walk through how they would like to proceed over the phone, or we can do all of it via email with just sending an image file or PDF file.

The Prototype Process

The process is straightforward: You send us your 3D model (in STL format) or existing CAD/CAM file and either model notes or specifications based on what you want for your prototype. If all you have is a rough idea of your project, one of our talented craftsmen can take your hand-drawn sketch and use that as well. We will create a quote (collecting payment up front) for your prototype.

Once the quotes are accepted, one of our engineers will take on building your design. You will be able to track its progress in real time online and we will provide quick turnarounds on revisions as needed. Our talented laser specialists will cut metal prototypes with speed and precision – in most cases within 24 hours! Need more than 100 units produced? Reach out to one of our team members who have extensive experience producing items at larger facilities for more information.

We have available to our customers is the ability to prototype your complex part as well as produce it in short run (small volume) quantities. This option allows engineers get their prototypes made right away so they get feedback from their clients before they finalize a design, without waiting too long before getting enough units put together for testing.

Have you ever needed prototyping for a part? How about you prototype your complex part as well as produce it in short run (small volume) quantities. Whether you have a project, or are just dreaming up what’s next, we can help! We are confident that our prototyping services are of the highest quality, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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