Silver Engineering Works is an experienced full service stainless steel machine shop. We have been providing quality machined parts to the medical, aerospace and military industries for over 80 years with a reputation for product precision and professional customer service. We are located in Denver, CO, specialize in CNC machining on stainless steel and work with many of the major automotive OEM’s both regionally and globally.

Stainless Steel Grades We Work With

Sizes are readily available in sheets or coils with thicknesses ranging from 18 gauge to 12 gauge. Common grades including 304/L, 316/L, 321/H, 347, 430 sulfide bearing grades A-F. Grades we work with include:

  • VMX50 Vertical Mill 4th Axis capability and 50″ by 26″ by 24″ envelope
  • VMX42 Vertical Mill 4th Axis capability and 42″ by 24″ by 24″ envelope
  • VM3 Vertical Mill Envelope of 50″ by 18″ by 18″
  • TM10 Lathe 10″ chuck
  • EMCO Durga lathe 8″ chuck

Benefits of Using Stainless Steel

Stainless steel machining offers a broad, versatile range of qualities as well as alloys that make your project more durable along with other important advantages, like:

  • High corrosion resistance
  • High wear threshold
  • Does not rust as easily as carbon steel

Stainless steel offers a perfect balance of toughness and durability that many customers demand for their projects. This metal is excellent for industrial machinery, shipbuilding, and most importantly for product designers or architects with its ability to provide custom profiles and shapes to meet project’s needs.

For a metal bordering on perfection, you need to be looking for high-tech manufacturing equipment, which is exactly what our company has for any job. With increased speeds, accuracy, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, you can rely on us to meet your deadline every time!

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