Have you been struggling with a long lead time or other complications from your current CNC milling provider? We are industry leaders in CNC milling in Denver, and we can get to work immediately. Our company has been in business for over 85 years, and our customers keep coming back. They know that when they need a high-quality job done right, they should come to us. Besides that, we offer the most competitive prices available while also providing excellent customer service.

We use a CNC milling machine to work with your CAD designs, providing you with the optimum surface finish and tolerance for each specific application. Silver Engineering Works design specialists can produce products from wood, metals, plastics and even thin sheets of aluminum. Whether you need thin or thick sections cut precisely in a curved radius for an automotive fender flare, our CNC milling team can provide just what you’re looking for.

CNC Milled Parts

Machining with a complex three-dimensional curve or hole shape is done by milling either from a solid block of material, or from each side of a flat plate of plastic until two matching surfaces are obtained. In addition to their durability advantages, these types of parts have aesthetic value that exceeds traditional ones that have been shaped by being carved from wood or cast from metals such as iron, steel brass alloy etc., which just add character but don’t look new after five years due to exposure to weather elements on sites where they’re installed outdoors.

The precision is where the real savings come from with CNC milling. It takes a lot less time to machine something out of metal with a computer-controlled milling machine than it would to do it by hand with a chisel and mallet for instance, and the end result will be cleaner-with less waste. The CNC machine cuts away everything that doesn’t need to be there in order to create whatever shape was desired at the outset which translates into a perfect end product every time.


Silver Engineering Works has decades of experience working with the following milling materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Plastics
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel

Many of our customers are professionals, including engineers, machinists, and more. Whatever your profession may be, our CNC Milled products are perfect for you!

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