As a leading structural fabricator of large-scale steel structures, Silver Engineering Works offers you unparalleled expertise in metals. We are specialized in designing, manufacturing and installing high performance details that are customized to your structural steel fabrication project.

With our vast knowledge of raw materials and state-of-the-art expertise, we are your one-stop source for all your steel needs. In recent years, corrosion resistance and high-strength items have been top priorities for many industries. We create corrosion-resistant and high-strength items of any size to rigorous standards. Our success is due to the long history of our company as a steel producer. Also, we have access to new technologies that allow us to custom-design products specifically for your needs.

Benefits of Structural Steel

Tight tolerances, lasting value, and sustainability are three of the most important industry terms when it comes to structural steel. It is an extremely cost-effective construction resource because, unlike composite materials or wood, it can be used for prototype or execution phases. This material will keep your customers loyalty because you are providing economical options for projects without compromising quality.

Structural steel is incredibly strong and very sustainable. The attention to detail our MIG and TIG welders provide ensure projects will last for years while also maintaining integrity with little upkeep. It is resistant to fire damage and other chemicals that might “destroy” weaker materials like wood or composite material; this makes structural steel perfect for long term use! Lastly, the high-tensile strength of this material explains why it can endure rough treatment from harsh weather without being structurally compromised.

We can help you complete any project on time and within budget by delivering only the highest quality products and services available.

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